Medicinal qualities:

In vitro

Antibacterial, Antifungal and Allelopathic

Chemical composition and antibacterial, antifungal, allelopathic and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities of cassumunar-ginger.

Verma RS, Joshi N, Padalia RC, Singh VR, Goswami P, Verma SK, Iqbal H, Chanda D, Verma RK, Darokar MP, Chauhan A, Kandwal MK. (2018)

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Antioxidant and Antimicrobial

Comparative Study of Composition, Antioxidant, and Antimicrobial Activities of Essential Oils of Selected Aromatic Plants from Balkan Peninsula.

Stanković N, Mihajilov-Krstev T, Zlatković B, Matejić J, Stankov Jovanović V, Kocić B, Čomić L. (2016)

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Cancer Treatment

Immunomodulatory and anticancer effects of Pituranthos tortuosus essential oil.

Krifa M, El Mekdad H, Bentouati N, Pizzi A, Ghedira K, Hammami M, El Meshri SE, Chekir-Ghedira L. (2015)

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High Sabinene strain-specific terpene formulations:

Blueberry Terpenes

The fleshy berry fusion tones make this flavor profile exceptionally rare and one of the most popular Indica strains in the market

50ml / 1.7oz$224
250ml / 8.4oz$933
Charlotte's web terpene bottle

This medicinally potent, CBD-rich phenotype has a rich earthy aroma and expresses unmissable sweet flowery notes.

50ml / 1.7oz$209
250ml / 8.4oz$869