Quercetin chemical structure

Medicinal qualities:


Evaluation of anti-inflammatory effects of Choerospondias axillaris fruit’s methanolic extract in synoviocytes and CIA rat model.

Mann S1, Sharma A, Sarkar A, Kharb R, Malhotra R, Datta B, Gupta RK, Biswas S.(2019)

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Triplaris gardneriana seeds extract exhibits anti-inflammatory properties in human neutrophils after in vitro oxidative treatment.

Lopes Neto JJ, Silva de Almeida T1, Almeida Filho LC, Rocha TM, Nogara PA, Nogara KF, Teixeira da Rocha JB, Almeida Moreira Leal LK, Urano Carvalho AF. (2019)

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Theoretical Study of the Antioxidant Activity of Quercetin Oxidation Products.

Vásquez-Espinal A, Yañez O1, Osorio E, Areche C, García-Beltrán O, Ruiz LM, Cassels BK, Tiznado W. (2019)

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Research Progress in the Modification of Quercetin Leading to Anticancer Agents.

Massi A, Bortolini O, Ragno D, Bernardi T, Sacchetti G, Tacchini M, De Risi C. (2017)

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Nanoparticle-delivered quercetin for cancer therapy.

Men K, Duan X, Wei XW, Gou ML, Huang MJ, Chen LJ, Qian ZY, Wei YQ. (2014)

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Anti-biotic Assistance

Mechanism of Synergy Between Tetracycline and Quercetin Against Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli.

Qu S, Dai C, Shen Z, Tang Q, Wang H, Zhai B, Zhao L, Hao Z. (2019)

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