Cis-Citral chemical formula

Medicinal qualities:

In vitro


Formulation, Characterization, and Antitumor Properties of Trans- and Cis-Citral in the 4T1 Breast Cancer Xenograft Mouse Model.

Zeng S, Kapur A, Patankar MS, Xiong MP.(2015)

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High Cis-Citral strain-specific terpene formulations:

Clementine terpenes

Citrusy and refreshing profile with sweet green notes.

50ml / 1.7oz$307
250ml / 8.4oz$1,325
Super silver haze formulation

A popular Sativa strain worldwide, known for its trichome-rich flowers and its pungent smell

50ml / 1.7oz$226
250ml / 8.4oz$943