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    Bornyl Acetate chemical structure

    Medicinal qualities:

    In vivo

    Anti inflammatory and analgesic

    Studies on the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of bornyl acetate in volatile oil from Amomum villosum.

    Wu, X. , Li, X. , Xiao, F., Zhang, Z., Xu, Z., & Wang, H. (2004)

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    Relaxing for autonomic nervous system

    (-)-Bornyl acetate induces autonomic relaxation and reduces arousal level after visual display terminal work without any influences of task performance in low-dose condition.

    Matsubara, E., Fukagawa, M., Okamoto, T., Ohnuki, K., Shimizu, K., & Kondo, R. (2011)

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    In vitro

    Anti Inflammation in vascular endothelium

    Bornyl acetate suppresses ox-LDL-induced attachment of THP-1 monocytes to endothelial cells

    Yang, L., Liu, J., Li, Y., & Qi, G. (2018)

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