Medicinal qualities:

In vivo


Borneol, a Bicyclic Monoterpene Alcohol, Reduces Nociceptive Behavior and Inflammatory Response in Mice

Guedes da Silva Almeida, J. R., Souza, G. R., Silva, J. C., Gomes de Lima Saraiva, S. R., Gonçalves de Oliveira Júnior, R., de Souza Siqueira Quintans, J., de Souza Siqueira Barreto, R., Rigoldi Bonjardim, L., Cabral de Holanda Cavalcanti, S., & Quintans Junior, L. J. (2013)

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The Antithrombotic Effect of Borneol Related to Its Anticoagulant Property

Li, Y. H., Sun, X. P., Zhang, Y. Q., & Wang, N. S. (2008)

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(+)-Borneol suppresses conditioned fear recall and anxiety-like behaviors in mice.

Cao, B., Ni, H. Y., Li, J., Zhou, Y., Bian, X. L., Tao, Y., Cai, C. Y., Qin, C., Wu, H. Y., Changa, L., Luo, C. X., & Zhu, D. Y. (2018)

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In vitro


Identification of 1,8-Cineole, Borneol, Camphor, and Thujone as Anti-inflammatory Compounds in a Salvia of ficinalis L. Infusion Using Human Gingival Fibroblasts

Ehrnhöfer-Ressler, M. M., Fricke, K., Pignitter, M., Walker, J. M., Walker, J., Rychlik, M., & Somoza, V. (2013)

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New insights on relaxant effects of (-)-borneol monoterpene in rat aortic rings.

Santos, S. E., Ribeiro, F. P. R. A., Menezes, P. M. N., Duarte-Filho, L. A. M., Quintans, J. S. S., Quintans, J. S. S., Quintans-Junior, L. J., Silva, F. S., & Ribeiro, L. A. A. (2018)

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