Medicinal qualities:

In vitro

Anti Inflammatory and anti fungal

Artemisia herba-alba essential oil from Buseirah (South Jordan): Chemical characterization and assessment of safe antifungal and anti-inflammatory doses.

Abu-Darwish MS, Cabral C, Gonçalves MJ, Cavaleiro C, Cruz MT, Efferth T, Salgueiro L (2015)

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In vivo

Polysistic ovary syndrome treatment

Thuja occidentalis L. and its active compound, α-thujone: Promising effects in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome without inducing osteoporosis.

Küpeli Akkol E, İlhan M, Ayşe Demirel M, Keleş H, Tümen I, Süntar İ (2015)

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