Medicinal qualities:


In vitro

Anti-microbial and Anti-cancer

Chemical composition, antibacterial and anticancer activities of volatile oil of Melicope denhamii leaves.

George S, Nair SA, Venkataraman R, Baby S. (2015)

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In vivo

Anti-inflammatory Anti-nociceptive

Chemical composition and evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities of Duguetia furfuracea essential oil: Effect on edema, leukocyte recruitment, tumor necrosis factor alpha production, iNOS expression, and adenosinergic and opioidergic systems.

Saldanha AA, Vieira L, Ribeiro RIMA, Thomé RG, Santos HBD, Silva DB, Carollo CA, Oliveira FM, Lopes DO, Siqueira JM, Soares AC. (2018)

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