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    Medicinal qualities:

    In vivo

    Local Anesthetic

    Effects of terpineol on the compound action potential of the rat sciatic nerve.

    Moreira, M. R., Cruz, G. M., Lopes, M. S., Albuquerque, A. A., & Leal-Cardoso, J. H. (2001)

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    Gastroprotective activity of α-terpineol in two experimental models of gastric ulcer in rats.

    Souza, R., Cardoso, M., Menezes, C., Silva, J., De Sousa, D., & Batista, J. (2011)

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    α-terpineol reduces mechanical hypernociception and inflammatory response.

    de Oliveira, M. G., Marques, R. B., de Santana, M. F., Santos, A. B., Brito, F. A., Barreto, E. O., De Sousa, D. P., Almeida, F. R., Badauê-Passos Jr., D., Antoniolli, A. R., & Quintans-Júnior, L. J. (2012)

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    Cardiovascular effects induced by α‐terpineol in hypertensive rats.

    Barroso Sabino, C. K., Ferreira‐Filho, E. S., Mendes, M. B., da Silva‐Filho, J. C., Reis Ponte, M. P. T., Porfírio Moura, L. H., Alves Oliveira, L. H., Quintans‐Junior, L. J., dos Santos, M. R. V., de Cássia Meneses Oliveira, R., & de Oliveira, A. P. (2013)

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    In vitro


    Alpha Terpineol: A Potential Anticancer Agent which Acts through Suppressing NF-κB Signalling.

    Hassan, S. B., Gali-Muhtasib, H., Göransson, H., & Larsson, R. (2010)

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