Finetune your extract

Mayim™ offers a natural, transparent solution for the refinement and production of reliable vapable extracts.

The bio-efficiency & convenience of vapable extracts made this type of products a main delivery method for cannabinoids. Producing a quality vapable extract requires controlling fluidity, consistency and suitability between extract-software to vape-hardware and raises the need for a specific inert liquid. As extracts are being vaporized and inhaled through the lungs, a scientific approach to produce a reliable solution is vital. 

1 Liter

Native To The Plant

By researching the non-cannabinoid compounds in the plant, we were able
to identify and isolate several native compounds with the required properties. 

After these compounds were analyzed for their thermal stability properties
and suitability for evaporation, they were formulated back with the plant
extract and tested to meet the quality standards of Eybna.


Tested For Thermal Stability


Study results show the thermal stability of Mayim compared to several alternatives in the market.

Mayim™ has been shown to have higher thermal stability, meaning slower weight loss with increasing temperature and less heat degradation products throughout evaporation. 


The research behind Mayim™

This patent-pending product is the fruit of long-term research with leading Israeli universities to identify the odorless and flavorless compounds found in the plant. By using high-end olfactory analytical tools and methods, we were able to find compounds that meet our standards of aroma, flavor and heat stability, producing an innovative product to blend seamlessly with extract



Transparency Matters

Mayim™ is a transparent extract refinement solution. 

At Eybna, transparency and safety are key values. Therefore we decided to patent Mayim™ so we can give our clients transparency and comfort of knowing what is inside their vapable extracts. Mayim™ is composed entirely of native to the plant fatty acids and terpenes to deliver fluid extracts with maximal preservation of the extract’s quality and flavor profile. 

Properties of Mayim™: 


Clear to Pale Yellow 


Nearly Odorless


Nearly Flavorless



Boiling point

≈360ºC / 680ºF


0.895 g/mL


Soluble in most natural oils, resins, and non-polar organic solvents

Who is Mayim™ for?

Fluidify Extracts

Regulate and perfect the fluidity of extracts 

Dissolving isolates

Smoothly homogenize isolated crystalline solids

  • Food Grade

    Food Grade

    The product is allowed for use as flavor ingredients intended for human consumption, or as indirect additives according to Section 21 CFR of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. They do also comply with the European Council Directive 88/388/EEC and EU Regulation 1334/2008.

  • Only Natural Ingredients

    Only Natural Ingredients

    The product is composed of only natural ingredients as defined in Section 21 CFR 101.22 and contains no artificial flavor ingredients.

  • Solvent Free

    Solvent Free

    The product contains no cutting agent and conforms to I-502 regulation with regards to residual solvents. 

  • Botanical Derived

    Botanical Derived

    Contains only natural, botanical derived molecules and does not include any cannabis-derived compounds. 

  • OU Kosher

    OU Kosher

    Certified and supervised Kosher by the OU, the largest and most trusted Kosher certifying body in the world. 

  • Non GMO

    Non GMO

    The product does not consist of GMOs, contains GMOs, or produced from GMOs as defined in the EU Regulation 1829/2003 and 1830/2003

  • Native To The Plant

    Native To The Plant

    Composed of botanical components that are naturally found in the cannabis plants. 


Food Grade Certificate
Natural Certificate
OU Kosher Certificate
Certificate of Origin
Pesticides Statement
Heavy Metals Statement
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
3rd party CoA

Q’s and A’s

What is Mayim™ made out of?

Mayim™ is made out of natural fatty acids and terpenes that are found in the cannabis plant. 

Is it safe to consume?

Safety comes first to us. We made sure that every compound that goes into this product is food grade and generally recognized as safe (GRAS). We performed multiple heat stability and toxin emission tests to make sure the product we developed is the best option right now for the cannabis extract industry. 

What does "Mayim" mean?

“Mayim” in Hebrew means water. We picked this name due to water’s transparency, fluidity and safety. 

Where are Mayim™'s components derived from?

We use fatty acids and terpenes that are derived from various plants that are not cannabis. 

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