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    The Kush Family

    The superb scent carry within a powerful pungent aroma with mixtures of lemon, earthiness, pine and phenotypic characteristics of OG Kush.

    50ml / 1.7oz$20000
    250ml / 8.4oz$83000
    OG kush terpene bottle

    The intense yet pleasant aroma makes this phenotype of the most popular in the world.

    50ml / 1.7oz$25800
    250ml / 8.4oz$1,07300
    Bubba kush Terpene bottle

    While it proves to be a challenge for cultivation, this phenotype is considered to be one of the fullest and most desired aromatic profiles on the planet.

    50ml / 1.7oz$20000
    250ml / 8.4oz$83200
    Master KUsh terpenes

    This Indica-leaning earthy hybrid has a lemony essence and is considered a true classic.

    50ml / 1.7oz$24200
    250ml / 8.4oz$1,00600