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    Eybna Terpenes
    What makes Eybna terpenes unique?

    Each of Eybna’s raw materials has been carefully chosen according to the molecule’s natural origin and extraction method, aiming for the highest standards in quality and purity. In order to create a precise terpene profile formulation, the raw material must be as pure as possible. For a further explanation read about our Terpene’s Effects

    How many different terpenes are found in Eybna’s formulations?

    Crafting strains’ complex smell is a big challenge where the major focus is on the natural raw material. Eybna’s formulations are assembled of 40-60 different terpenes. Terpiodic Table

    Do you sell large quantities?

    Yes we do, for order larger than 2 Liters, please Contact Us for volume pricing. 

    Do you do customized terpene formulations?

    Yes we do.

    To get more details on this process, please contact us at or fill out a Contact Form and we will get you all the details. 

    Where are the terpenes are extracted from?

    Since terpenes are not exclusive to cannabis, they can be extracted from other non-cannabis plant Sources. We use safe extraction procedure and putting big attention on impurities for each raw material to stand with the strict production standards. Our terpenes are extracted from natural, non-cannabis plants such as black pepper, lavender, anise stars, pines, lemongrass and many more.



    Where can I find SDS and CoAs on your products?

    Safety comes first for us, therefore we recommend reading the Safety Data Sheet before handling our terpene products. You can find the SDS and CoAs of each product in its product page at the bottom of the page. 

    The pure terpene products are highly concentrated products, that’s why it’s important that you know how to use it safely and handle it carefully.

    Don’t hesitate to contact the Support Team for any question regarding the safe use of the terpene formulations.

    What certificates do your products have?

    Each of our products have OU kosher certificate, cannabinoid, terpene & microbiological. 

    For newly developed products, it may take several weeks to get all the above certificates.  

    What’s in store next for Eybna?

    At Eybna, we constantly integrate our research findings into the developments of our products. By studying the building blocks of the cannabis chemovars, we continue to upgrade our Terpene Formulations and develop New Products.

    Stay tuned through our website.  


    What can the terpenes be used for?

    Our strain-specific formulations can be infused into any oil-based product to enhance aroma and flavor and reintroduce the qualities that the cannabis flower lost during extraction. For a full explanation read about Terpenes & Oil  

    Are Eybna terpenes food-grade?

    Yes, we certify that all of our formulations are assembled only of materials allowed for use as flavor ingredients intended for human consumption, or as indirect additives according to Section 21 CFR of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. They do also comply with the European Council Directive 88/388/EEC and EU Regulation 1334/2008.

    Where are your formulations produced?

    Our formulations are developed and produced in Israel. here is a brief history of  Cannabis in Israel

    What manufacturing standards does Eybna adhere to?

    ISO 9001: The international standard for a quality management system. This standard is used by Eybna to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

    Kosher certificate: Eybna complies with a strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality.

    GMP Pharma certification in progress.

    What is the best way to store Eybna terpenes?

    Terpenes are volatile molecules that easily get oxidized and degraded by light. Therefore they must be  stored in a cool and shaded place. 

    All of Eybna’s products are bottled in nitrogen-sealed, food grade aluminium bottles to guarantee 12 months shelf life. We recommend storing the terpenes in room temperature or in a 4 degrees Celsius refrigerator and avoid direct sun exposure. 

    After opening, it’s best to use the whole product and if reseal is needed, use nitrogen gas to prevent degradation. 

    How do I infuse Eybna terpenes in distillate?

    We recommend to use the smallest amount to receive the desired flavor.

    For distillate, the average usage is 2-3% (by weight), while for deeper flavor, around 5%.

    If your oil has high viscosity, we recommend heating it prior to the terpene infusion to prevent evaporation of terpenes. As soon as the oil has the desired viscosity, the reintroduction of terpenes can be performed until homogenization. 

    In what other mediums can terpenes be infused in?

    Most terpenes are hydrophobic, therefore not soluble in water.  In general, terpenes mix well in ethanol and other oil mediums. For the Full chemical structure Click Here

    What safety equipment should I use while handling the terpenes?

    While handling terpenes, it is recommended to be in a ventilated room and wear gloves, eye protection, closed shoes and a lab coat. 

    If a ventilated room is unavailable, use a face mask. 

    What lab equipment do I need for infusing terpenes?

    For small batch: 

    • Analytical weigh 
    • Glass beaker 
    • Lab spatula
    • Pipette or graduated cylinder 
    • Magnetic stirrer + bar or vortex 
    • Hotplate (if your extract has high viscosity) 
    Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we do! Not only that, We are FREE shipping domestic and international orders!

    Our terpenes are made from botanical sources and are found in our Online Shop 

    Who can I contact for general questions?

    Our friendly staff is always available for questions. Please Email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively you can fill out a Contact Form and we will get back to you.



    Which carrier does Eybna ship with?

    We ship our Products in the US Using UPS and Fedex and worldwide using TNT. 

    What is the lead time for Eybna terpenes?

    Eybna commit that your order will arrive to your door within 14 business days from approved order. for more information regarding delivery feel free to Contact Us 

    What is the minimum order to get free shipment?

    Any order gets free shipment! For more information about order size feel free to check out ourProducts or  Contact Us