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Why custom formulation?

Empowering your brand, made exclusive and consistent. Introducing Eybna’s custom formulation to uniquely match the whole-plant qualities to your oil-based product needs.

Tailor-Made To Fit Your Exact Needs

Terpene formulation based on your specific strain analysis or created from scratch according to your needs and product statement.

30-Day Development

Our dedicated development team guarantees a short turn-around time and product satisfaction. 

100% Exclusive To You

Once developed, the custom formulation will be produced on a made-to-order basis and exclusively for you.

How is it made?

The Quality Is In The Raw Ingredients

Using only 100% natural, food-grade and highest purity isolated compounds from five different molecular classes to create a precise, deep and high-resolution formulation.


Optimization Per Product Application

Adjustment of formulation based on  product’s final application and delivery system, to optimize its functionality and efficiency.


What will you get?

Fine Tuning Feedback Round

Your opinion is part of the development. Feedback round with our R&D team will verify the final product fit.

Lab Testing Equipment

Full Product Documentation

Custom Safety Data Sheets, 3rd party Analysis CoA and Spec sheet will be supplied with every batch. 

Product Documentation

Formulation Consulting

Pick the brains of our entire team! Chemists, biologists and flavorists that will support the integration process with their knowledge on product safety, dosage, delivery systems and more.


Exclusive IP Rights

The custom formulation will stay as your Intellectual Property and will be available for purchase only to you with a Certificate Of Exclusivity.

Custom Formulation

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