At Eybna, we believe in contributing to the health
of mankind by understanding botanical medicine.

Ignited by the personal history of malady, Eybna was founded as a forward-thinking R&D company in Israel. Our expertise lies in connecting interdisciplinary fields, following our vision of enhancing the lives and health of people through researching nature.

Eybna stands for uncompromising quality and safety. We believe in our partnership with academia as well as with leading individual industry partners. As an international brand, Eybna collaborates with the best experts in their respective fields. Every member and partner of Eybna has the same commitment to our cause in common, acting as passionate ambassadors of innovation.

Eybna believes in constantly involving advanced research in the process of product development, transforming valuable scientific knowledge into easily applicable products, for the immediate benefit of the consumer market.


Is when Eybna’s first terpene formulation was sold to the US market


Research collaborations to study the non-cannabinoid components. From chemistry to life sciences. 


Natural terpenes that we work with


Is the average purity of each of our raw material 

Our Process


Picking the chemovar

We choose popular and unique phenotypes that are known for their suggested effects and/or desired smells that we believe will contribute to the overall effect, aroma and flavor of our customers’ final product.



The harvested flower is analyzed using GC-MS to capture the natural terpene components of the flower and also GC-Olfactory to identify the different molecules that create the unique smell of the chemovar.


Raw materials

Our lab team puts much emphasis on the raw material. As we like to say, a strong building needs strong building blocks. We purify our individual terpenes from different plants’ essential oils and other natural raw material to achieve the highest purity possible, reaching a precise terpene blend.


The art of formulating

Using our state of the art highly pure raw materials, our lab team carefully formulates according to the analytics, putting together the natural chemovar’s volatile profile. Our proprietary formulating method assures a perfect consistency batch to batch.


Test 1

Comparison between the final terpene formulation to the flower is done and changes are made to achieve a precise terpene profile. Solvent, pesticides, cannabinoids and terpene tests are performed. Reaching a safe, cannabinoid-free terpene formulation.


Test 2

The ready formula is getting tested by our flavorist and professional breeders. By comparing it to the original flower, based on aroma and flavor. If needed, modifications are made.



The terpene formulation is stored in double-sealed aluminum bottles and sealed with Nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation.

Why Eybna?

We integrate our research findings into the development of our products

We currently have 11 ongoing research projects with Israeli
academic institutes to learn more about the different
components that make the up the complex smell of phenotypes 
and to learn about the full medicinal potential of cannabis. The
interim findings allow us to develop “higher-resolution”
terpene products.

Because safety is first for us

Each of our raw material is strictly analyzed before being
added to our formulation. Solvent and pesticides
analysis is done on each of our raw material.

24/7 R&D support

Our R&D team is always available to advise on
and guide you through your product development. All you have
to do is just shoot us a message!

Constantly innovating

Our R&D pipeline is constantly filled with new developments. By constantly collecting feedback and analyzing the market’s needs, we keep on innovating new products.