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    At Eybna, we believe in contributing
    to the health of mankind by
    understanding cannabis.

    Our Story

    Ignited by the personal history of malady, Eybna was founded as a forward-thinking R&D company in Israel. Our expertise lies in connecting interdisciplinary fields, following our vision of enhancing the lives and health of people through researching nature. 

    Eybna stands for uncompromising quality and safety. We believe in our partnership with academia as well as with leading individual industry partners. As an international brand, Eybna collaborates with the best experts in their respective fields. Every member and partner of Eybna has the same commitment to our cause in common, acting as passionate ambassadors of innovation.

    Eybna believes in constantly involving advanced research in the process of product development, transforming valuable scientific knowledge into easily applicable products, for the immediate benefit of the consumer market.


    Is when Eybna’s first terpene formulation was sold to the US market


    Research collaborations to study the non-cannabinoid components. From chemistry to life sciences. 


    Natural terpenes that we work with


    Is the average purity of each of our raw material 

    Our Process


    Picking the chemovar

    We choose popular and unique phenotypes that are known for their suggested effects and/or desired smells that we believe will contribute to the overall effect, aroma and flavor of our customers’ final product.



    The harvested flower is analyzed using GC-MS to capture the natural terpene components of the flower and also GC-Olfactory to identify the different molecules that create the unique smell of the chemovar.


    Raw materials

    Our lab team puts much emphasis on the raw material. As we like to say, a strong building needs strong building blocks. We purify our individual terpenes from different plants’ essential oils and other natural raw material to achieve the highest purity possible, reaching a precise terpene blend.


    The art of formulating

    Using our state of the art highly pure raw materials, our lab team carefully formulates according to the analytics, putting together the natural chemovar’s volatile profile. Our proprietary formulating method assures a perfect consistency batch to batch.


    First Stage Testing

    Comparison between the final terpene formulation to the flower is done and changes are made to achieve a precise terpene profile. Solvent, pesticides, cannabinoids and terpene tests are performed. Reaching a safe, cannabinoid-free terpene formulation.


    Second Stage Testing

    The ready formula is getting tested by our flavorist and professional breeders. By comparing it to the original flower, based on aroma and flavor. If needed, modifications are made.



    The terpene formulation is stored in double-sealed aluminum bottles and sealed with Nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation.

    Why Eybna?

    We integrate our research findings into our product development

    We currently have 11 ongoing research projects with Israeli
    academic institutes to learn more about the different
    components that make up the complex smell of phenotypes 
    and to learn about the full medicinal potential of cannabis. The
    interim findings allow us to develop “higher-resolution”
    terpene products.

    Because safety is first for us

    Each of our raw material is strictly analyzed before being
    added to our formulation. Solvent and pesticides
    analysis is done on each of our raw material.

    24/7 R&D support

    Our R&D team is always available to advise on
    and guide you through your product development. All you have
    to do is just shoot us a message!

    Constantly innovating

    Our R&D pipeline is constantly filled with new developments. By constantly collecting feedback and analyzing the market’s needs, we keep on innovating new products.  

    Quality Policy


    Eybna, managers and employees are committed to meeting all regulatory requirements and the requirements of the law, and to the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders in the processes in the company.

    Our products are safe to use and manufactured in accordance with predefined requirements. We provide products of the highest quality.

    Eybna is committed to the continuous improvement of both the products and the level of service, as well as the company’s internal processes.

    Our commitment to quality is expressed in:

    ✔ Risk-based thinking, identifying opportunities for improvement and performing the needed actions accordingly

    ✔ Strictness and commitment to a high level of professionalism among the company’s employees

    ✔ Examination and improvement of the processes that take place in the company

    ✔ The company’s management is committed to maintaining and improving the efficiency of the quality management system and implement this commitment among all employees

    Join our growing team

    Available careers at Eybna:

    Formulation Specialist - Israel
    Location: Israel



    Develop and manufacture formulations according to production needs and defined timelines.

    Communicate with suppliers and organizes raw ingredient data.

    Solve ongoing product requirements with creative solutions.

    Prepare QA documentation and production reports.

    Expedite sources of raw materials for new products.

    Collaborate with the manufacturing team members to jointly achieve divisions objectives and quarterly goals.

    Report to the product and manufacturing manager.



    Bachelor degree, preferably in Chemistry or Science related major.

    Experience working in a chemistry lab – preferred.

    Experience in working under GMP standards – preferred.

    Excellent communication skills (written/verbal).

    Experience in supervising over processes and multiple tasks.

    Strong scent and flavor capabilities.

    High organizational skills & Attention to details.

    High proficiency in Excel and Word.

    English – very good.

    Immediate availability – preferred.


    Formulation Technician - Israel
    Location: Israel



    Manufacture natural formulations, and package products under laboratory


    Work according to manufacturing protocols and quality standards.

    Monitor raw materials and finished products inventory.

    Prepare orders for shipment according to defined lead times.

    Follow QC and QA guidelines and procedures.



    Experience working in a chemistry lab – preferred.

    Excellent communication skills (written/verbal).

    Experience in working in short timelines and multiple tasks environments.

    Strong team player.

    High organizational skills & attention to details.

    Strong scent and flavor capabilities.

    High proficiency in Excel and Word.

    English – very good.

    Immediate availability – preferred.


    R&D Specialist - Israel
    Location: Israel



    Take part in new product development efforts, from the initial planning phase to implementation or production.

    Coordinate research projects and ensure timely completion.

    Be the main point of contact with CRO’s and outsource contractors for project coordination.

    Gather relevant information from scientific literature to support product development research efforts.

    Analyze research results and support in translating it to marketing material.

    Keep current and share the latest R&D advancements and developments with the team.

    Provide content related support to other departments in the organization.

    Keep track of projects’ related costs and expenses.

    Report to R&D manager



    B.S. in biochemistry, biology or other life science subjects – must.

    At least 2 year experience in a research lab – must.

    Occupational experience in the Cannabis industry – advantage.

    Product development experience – advantage.

    Excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to influence people at all organizational levels.

    English – mother tongue level.


    Packaging Operator - Israel
    Location: Israel




    Perform labeling and packaging operations as per the customer orders and priorities defined by the direct manager.

    Complete packaging orders within the deadlines.

    Operate and continuously update the stock management system software.

    Complete production reports as required and submit to supervisors.

    Ensure in compliance with operational policies and safety standards.

    Assist colleagues in their job duties when needed.

    Notify Supervisor about equipment and production problems.

    Report to the global export manager.



    Background in logistics roles.

    Excellent communication skills (written/verbal).

    Experience in working in short timelines and multiple tasks environments.

    Familiarity with stock management softwares.

    High organizational skills & attention to details.

    High proficiency in Excel and Word.

    English – very good.

    Immediate availability – preferred


    Toxicologist - Israel
    Location: Israel



    Performing risk assessments to determine the likelihood of harmful effects

    Assisting in establishing regulations to protect humans and the environment

    Collaborating and sharing expertise and research findings with scientific and technical staff

    Identify probable toxic substance components presence in emissions, discharges and waste streams.



    B.S. in natural science such as chemistry, biology, etc. 

    Master’s or Doctoral Degree in toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacy, forensic science, or public health preferred

    At least 2 years of relevant professional experience

    Demonstrated project management and organizational skills, especially with time-sensitive work

    Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively on a team and with diverse partners

    Ability to compose reports, presentations, and written communication in an organized, logical, and concise manner

    Readiness to interact with a variety of people and assume diverse duties and tasks


    Regional Sales Representative - USA
    Location: Los Angeles, CA



    Present, promote and sell products

    Visit new and existing clients in the field

    Develop and maintain positive business and customer relationship

    Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule

    Coordinate sales effort with team members and other departments



    Must be 21 years or older

    At least two years of experience in sales

    Strong in online communication and CRM software use

    Excellent interpersonal communication skills

    Knowledge of the Cannabis industry preferred


    Sales & Account Specialist - Israel
    Location: Israel



    Manage B2B relationship to maximize sales opportunities, service and retain customers

    Provide a consistent and reliable point of contact for clients, understand and solve customer requests

    Find new potential leads worldwide focusing on Europe

    Ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs and objectives

     Handling face-to-face and over the phone sales meeting 


    At least 2 years of experience in B2B Sales / Account Management

    Excellent customer service and communication skills

    Ability to prioritize

    Attention to detail

    Strong analytical and strategic skills

    Strong writing and verbal skills

    English as mother tongue

    Spanish – preferred

    Sales experience in the Cannabis industry – preferred



    Business Development Manager - Canada
    Location: Toronto, Canada



    End to end business development and account management. The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation of the Canadian strategy.

    Management of existing  business accounts.

    Drive revenue and market share through full-cycle business development.

    Maintain a robust sales pipeline.

    Ensure customer satisfaction.

    Limited travel.



    3-5 years’ experience in B2B business development / sales.

    Highly organised, attention to detail, strong communicator and self-driven.

    Experience in B2B Cannabis – preferred 


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